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Be prepared - Estate Planning

Many families in our community are not prepared for death. While death is a difficult subject to broach, it is inevitable. Being prepared with your estate planning is crucial to prevent family members from becoming even more disjointed at the death of a loved one.

A Will is simple to start the process and less expensive upfront. If one does not prepare their estate planning documents before their death, one leaves the distribution of their worldly assets up to the State of California. The Probate Code holds out how one's estate will be distributed upon their death without, at a minimum, a Will. With that, distribution may be made to individuals to which one may not want to give. Court supervised Probate may be required with the Will only and possibly more costly on the back end, but you will be able to dictate your desires.

The Trust is a more complete estate planning document. The Trust process is more complex from the beginning but not insurmountable. The Trust document distinctly reflects the desires and wishes of the Trustor (individual[s] executing the document). The Trust encompasses your Durable Power of Attorney, Advanced Health Care Directives, Burial Instruction and distribution of real and personal property. The Health Care directive covers the manner by which one wants illnesses to be handled such a prolonging life or not.

Call to set your appointment for Estate Planning before it is too late.

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